Inside My Fifth Bullet Journal

You did read that right… my FIFTH bullet journal. Oh how a wonderful time it has been.

I’ve actually been using my SIXTH journal now for just over a month, so it’s high time we take a little gander through BuJo Numero 5!

I can’t even begin to explain what it would be like without the BuJo in my life.  It’s incredibly fulfilling, and really keeps me on track … but enough about that you’re not here to become sold on the BuJo… you already are! Am. I. Right? 

So let’s take a looksy! (If you’re impatient and just want to see a video flip through scroll to the bottom of this post!)

I used a Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journal. I’m 100% sold on these journals.  They are well worth the $20 cost. I will likely NEVER use another journal.  This version is white… what was I thinking right? As you can see there has been discoloring – mostly due to the fact that I carried this journal non-stop in a handmade cover I purchased off etsy.  It’s AH-mazing.

The journal has this weird pattern on it now.

My color scheme for this journal was all things rose gold, which is likely why I chose the white, it went best – of course now they have the metallic journals… add those to the wishlist!

Throughout most of this journal you’ll notice the headers look especially awesome, that’s because I used that fancy teaching trick. I’m no longer using that in my newest journal, I’ve embraced what my actual handwriting has to offer.

The color code for this journal I started off using the Pigma Micron pens.  I have the set specific for the Inductive Bible Study, so that’s what I used – at least to begin.  As the month went on I used some TomBows (more on that later)

Since this journal started 2017 (January) I started right off the bat with goals.

Then on to the 2017 yearly spread.  The markers on this page are papermate flair pens – why I would choose to use those and not the ones in my color code; I’ll never know.

I had seen this page swarming Pinterest so decided to give it a go.  I always forgot to update it, so half of what is showing is a guess, and then I just altogether stopped using it.

You know me and my sticky note TV trackers! This is how I’m using them inside my journals!

Next up, the Bible reading plan chart.  I designed this one myself in Pages.  Then I printed and pasted it out to put in my journal.  Purchase one HERE on my etsy shop. I have not gotten far. It was one of my goals to read through the Bible, but as the year has gone on I’ve found that just reading does nothing for me, which is why I’ve been doing the Inductive Study method and choosing just one book to study. I get a lot more out of the study than just reading through the Bible; and I think that’s just more important.

Here’s a random collection I added in.  I had been preparing for teaching a class on Bullet Journaling and came across that list and decided to add it into my journal.

Just tracking some of the books I read.  This one is a hard collection for me to keep up with.  I read solely on my Kindle which is connected to Goodreads.  So as I start and finish books it keeps track of that for me on the site.

A quote I liked and felt compelled to add into my journal.

Here’s a fun thing! These are some of the most used products in this journal.

And now … without further ado! Here is the flip through video for the BuJo #5.


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