Inductive Bible Study in the Bullet Journal

I’ve mentioned that I’ve fallen in love with doing inductive Bible studies.  And I used to use a prayer & bible study journal separate from my planning bullet journal.  But I’ve been feeling lead to use the BuJo in a more memory-keeping, journaling type setting.

So with my recent completion of the book of Ezra, and now that I’ve moved on to Nehemiah I contemplated how to do this type of Inductive Study – taking notes and such within my planning Bullet Journal.

I love the idea of having the truths I’m gleaning from these in depth studies with me at all times (since my BuJo rarely ever leaves my side).  This has been super helpful to me; and critically important as I’ve been going through some-what of a rough patch lately.

So here’s how I’m adding those precious truths into my BuJo.

When I came up this this idea this week as I started on the book of Nehemiahh, I wanted to go back and do this for Ezra!

I started off with a fun block-letter title; and the theme of the Bible Study.


At the top of this page, I left a space for the important keywords I’m marking in my Bible as I study.  As they come up, I add them along with their code. I’m hoping I left enough space here. To keep track of things long-term, I also have a master list of keywords elsewhere in my BuJo.

Here’s an example of what the coding within my Bible looks like:

Things to Remember

Next up is all about the truths and the lists! Oh the lists! (Can you guess why I’m so in love with this type of study?) Herein lies the trouble I had initially with using a journal for this type of study.  You’re asked to make lists of things as you read; and keep adding to them as you study. This is so helpful to me in studying and understanding, but I (for some reason) just couldn’t seem to figure out the best way to do that. UNTIL NOW.

Since I color-code the key for marking in my bible, I finally realized why not color code the lists and just take notes as I read? DUH!

So as a new list comes up, I assign it a color and then add it here.


This section is the longest. But the most important, as its where it all comes together.  As I study, I write down the important things that I learn and color-code them in the order I read.  When I add a though, at the end I put the chapter and verse reference in parenthesis so that I can go back to it later.

As I study and take notes, I’ll just use threading to go to a new spread when the time comes.

I was so excited about it – I went back to do the full book of Ezra!

I chose one verse that really spoke to me through this study, and added it to the extra space on the last page for the notes for that book.

I’m excited to see how this will evolve! How do you study the Bible in your BuJo?

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!


3 thoughts on “Inductive Bible Study in the Bullet Journal

  1. I’m pretty much losing my mind over this! I am working on a Precept study on the Sermon on the Mount right now, and I’ve done others, too. The bujo is a more recent thing to me, so it hasn’t occurred to me to combine the two. I LOVE how you’ve done this – especially keeping track of your markings in the bujo. I keep losing my master list! This is brilliant – thanks for sharing!


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