Vacation Planning and Journaling (Pre-Trip)

I’m leaving Sunday for a week in the Adirondacks.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve actually had a week long vacation, and I’m overly excited, at least that’s what I tell myself since last night I got a whopping 1 hour of sleep. Plus with this trip there’s camping and hiking (and kayaking) involved.

I recently saw a post in one of the Bullet Journal Facebook groups I’m a member of about vacation Journaling and decided I was defenitly going to make that happen for this trip! Unfortunatly when I went back to look for the video to tag it I couldn’t find it! Sorry! Just know this idea isn’t actually mine.

But since I’ll be camping, that can put a difficult spin on things since I’m trying to take only what I need and not my entire washi collection.  So this was going to take some pre planning.


I’ve been averaging about 2 days per page in my BuJo so I counted out pages and this is going to fit exactly where I want it without skipping pages! That makes me oh so happy.

I started the Journaling section with a title page after I saw this awesome trick with the dual brush tombow markers from @bohoberry.  It’s literally the coolest thing ever… look at its beauty!!

I may or may not add to this page, well just have to see how the week goes.

The next two pages is a packing list spread.

Now, I also have a list of camping gear as a collection in my journal, but I wanted something that I would be able to check off as I pack, and also update easily for future trips, and also have the ability to add into my journal without writing everything out for future trips.

So that’s why I opted for this printed list.  I used a tape runner to paste it in and added my own header to the side of the right page (yes that’s my own handwriting… I’m still going strong with just my handwriting for headers in this BuJo!)

The left page is all my gear, and the right page is all my clothes.  As I’ve packed I’ve also added more things to the list that I had originally forgotten to put on there.  That will be helpful to add into the document for printing that out for future trips.

My next spread is two pages with a campground map.  I’m going to use this to write out fun highlights that happen as a brief overview of what we did.

I printed the map out from the Reserve America website and cut around it for a fun shape.  Then pasted it in with the tape runner.  I’ll probably highlight our site and add photos and such to this page…

Since I don’t have a portable printer, I’ll just be adding blank boxes with a stencil while I’m away and sizing photos to fit when I’m back home (the HP Speocket has now made my wishlist for ease of Journaling for future trips.)


As most bullet journalers do, I have a mountain-load of supplies that I like to use and have readily available at home. But going away isn’t always as forgiving when it comes to my BuJo supples.  I decided on one box, that’s all I’m allowed… eek!

I came across this toolbox at Dollar Tree and I’m actually pretty impressed.  I mean the plastic is kinda flimsy and I seriously wonder how adding a heavy hammer and tape measure and the likes will work but it works great for my BuJo supplies.  For a dollar I couldn’t help myself.

And inside I have quite bit of stuff.

Sticky notes, fountain pens, my tombow markers, scissors, paper mate flare pens, fountain pen inks, a stencil and some die cuts from my silhouette that I’ve precut for use in my Journaling.

So we shall see how this goes this week! I’ll, of course, update y’all when I get back!

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!


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