Vacation Journaling

This may be a little redundant since I’ve already touched on how I journaled for my last little trip I went on… but I did promise in my last post that I would share what I did while I was on vacation.

I tried to journal every day.  In my Pre-Vacation post I showed my toolbox of supplies that I took with me. That was actually probably more than I really needed to bring.  But you never can tell.

I only used one fountain pen, a few of my tombows (in a color scheme fitting for the mountains), some whiteout and a tape runner tool.

I journaled each day like this. First I drew in some boxes for some photos that I took that day. I wrote in things about the day.  What we did, experiences, etc.  Then I just had all these blank boxes on each of the pages.

I would look back on each of the photos I took for the day and would choose one, and write a short description on the photo within the box that I wanted to use in that spot.

Then when I got home, I measured out the sizes, added that into the box and went to my computer.  Using Microsoft Word I added the photos and resized them to fit the dimensions of the box.

Then I printed them out, cut them and used glue to past them into my journal.

This was a lot of work, and I’m starting to see the benefits of the little mini printers that you can purchase.  Needless to say one of those is now on my wishlist.

Here’s a view at the pages from the entire trip:






Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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