Inside My BuJo: MAY 2017

I love the start of a new month in my bullet journal.  It’s a time to reflect on the past month; see what worked, throw out what didn’t, and then make changes and try new things.

I love reflecting on the past month and checking back at the pages I’ve done.

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My Miracle Morning

If you remember, during the month of May we completed a 30 31 day Miracle Morning Challenge.

If you missed out… check out the original post here.

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Free Printable Friday: TV Tracker – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This is another fun show!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Thirty-One 

There you have it.  A thirty-one day challenge complete just like that!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll go through a little bit more in depth of what my Miracle Morning looks like, share my spreads in my bullet journal and go over what the next 30 days are going to look like!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Thirty

We have just one more day… and I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon of success the past few days.

I guess I’ll blame the holiday weekend and the fact that I was away.  You’d think being out camping in nature would foster that needed alone time of silence… yeah right…

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Free Printable Friday: Person Of Interest TV Tracker

I know, I KNOW.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve rolled out a #freeprintablefriday.  So here we are at it again.

I just found this show by accident on Netflix..and holy hotness Jim Caviezel.

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Yesterday was an adventure.

The adventure was tick related.  But urgent care came to my rescue and I was able to work on my drawing skills for my BuJo…

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

23. We’re doing this.  I’m getting the hang of this. And I’ve already decided that I want to challenge myself again next month.

And right smack in the middle of the month I would choose to do a crazy thing and switch my BuJo over from a Leuchtturn1917 journal to a passport sized travelers notebook – what was I thinking!?!?

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