Inside My BuJo: June 2017

Well June has come and gone, so it’s time again to share my favorite spreads from June! 

So here you have it! 
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The Wishlist

Who doesn’t love wishlists. I mean come on…


And then theres the time when we get to check off the wishlist that we’ve purchased the item.  Those are the days.

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Journaling in the Bullet Journal

It took me almost a year before I even considered “journaling” in my BuJo. Funny since “Journaling” is even in its name…

I’m actually still not even sure how I feel about journaling within my BuJo, and here’s why: I’m so concerned with space… I mean really I don’t have to be – that’s one of the beauties of the BuJo, but during my “test” of this last month I was averaging almost 2 or more pages each day.  I’d be using a journal a month at that rate… So here’s a few things I tried and what I’ve decided in terms of journaling my my future.

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How to Carry Supplies on the Go

Well… I’ve been attempting the #planwithme challenge and today’s prompt is “How to Carry Supplies on the Go.” I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a while now, so there’s no better time than today right??

I’ll admit this has taken me almost and ENTIRE YEAR to figure out the best and most efficient way to carry my supplies with me.  Its been a HUGE challenge. And I seem to change it fairly often.  Then I generally come back to this setup that I’m sharing with you today!

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17 Before 2017 UPDATE

Well… We’ve reached the middle of November – which means there is only a month and a half until 2017.  So today I wanted to re-assess my 17 before 2017 goals.


In a nut-shell, I’ll be honest.


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Product Review: Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

Can I just tell you that bullet journaling is awesome…and then enter the fountain pen.  It’s like the Hallelujah Chorus is playing all the time in my head over this!  The first fountain pen I used was the Pilot Metropolitan in the Medium nib.  And. I. Literally. Just. Fell. In. Love.  Head over heels kind of love.


I just loved it so much I purchased 3 more! My collection now consists of 3 medium nibs and 1 fine. Its beauteous, sleek, writes like a dream, and is super reasonably priced.

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The Moleskine Squared Journal

Life has seriously gotten away from me – and its been TWO WEEKS since I last posted.  I PROMISE that will never happen.  OH who am I kidding … I can’t make that promise.

Well anyways… today I wanted to do a little review on the Moleskin Hard Covered Squared Journal.


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Inside My Bullet Journal (September 2016)

I’ll be honest, the current bullet journal I’m in is by far my favorite.  I’ve spent lots of time and love on this journal.  So with that being said, since we’ve now embraced October, I wanted to share a little bit of September with you.

The first page was my September memories page.  This was the first time I really stuck with a memories page.  I wanted to do just the highlights: a camping trip, my birthday, a trip to the zoo and a conference I attended.

Second, we see my monthly overview page.  I added the leaf stickers as an extra Hello Fall fun!

Third, my habit tracker, which around the 20th I started to stop tracking.  I will attempt a tracker again in October, and we shall see how far I will get this time.

Fourth, a glance at the #rockyourhandwriting challenge I wanted to do, but never did.

And finally, fifth, a glimpse at some daily pages from this month.

What about you?  How was your September.  Share with us your photos in the comments!

Birthday Week

I LOVE birthdays.  (Well mostly just mine.) And this year was no exception.  In my usual celebratory fashion I celebrated “Birthday Week”, starting Sunday last week.  There were ups (and unfortunately downs) but overall it was a great week.  Here’s how I celebrated inside (and outside) my Bullet Journal.


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