Inductive Bible Study in the Bullet Journal

I’ve mentioned that I’ve fallen in love with doing inductive Bible studies.  And I used to use a prayer & bible study journal separate from my planning bullet journal.  But I’ve been feeling lead to use the BuJo in a more memory-keeping, journaling type setting.

So with my recent completion of the book of Ezra, and now that I’ve moved on to Nehemiah I contemplated how to do this type of Inductive Study – taking notes and such within my planning Bullet Journal.

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Inside My BuJo: MAY 2017

I love the start of a new month in my bullet journal.  It’s a time to reflect on the past month; see what worked, throw out what didn’t, and then make changes and try new things.

I love reflecting on the past month and checking back at the pages I’ve done.

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My Miracle Morning

If you remember, during the month of May we completed a 30 31 day Miracle Morning Challenge.

If you missed out… check out the original post here.

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Free Printable Friday: TV Tracker – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This is another fun show!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Thirty

We have just one more day… and I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon of success the past few days.

I guess I’ll blame the holiday weekend and the fact that I was away.  You’d think being out camping in nature would foster that needed alone time of silence… yeah right…

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Free Printable Friday: Person Of Interest TV Tracker

I know, I KNOW.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve rolled out a #freeprintablefriday.  So here we are at it again.

I just found this show by accident on Netflix..and holy hotness Jim Caviezel.

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Yesterday was an adventure.

The adventure was tick related.  But urgent care came to my rescue and I was able to work on my drawing skills for my BuJo…

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