The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Thirty-One 

There you have it.  A thirty-one day challenge complete just like that!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I’ll go through a little bit more in depth of what my Miracle Morning looks like, share my spreads in my bullet journal and go over what the next 30 days are going to look like!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Yesterday was an adventure.

The adventure was tick related.  But urgent care came to my rescue and I was able to work on my drawing skills for my BuJo…

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

23. We’re doing this.  I’m getting the hang of this. And I’ve already decided that I want to challenge myself again next month.

And right smack in the middle of the month I would choose to do a crazy thing and switch my BuJo over from a Leuchtturn1917 journal to a passport sized travelers notebook – what was I thinking!?!?

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Eighteen

I can not even believe it has been 18 days since I started this Miracle Morning Challenge! Only 13 more days to go and I’ll be well on my way to an UNSTOPPABLE Morning routine.

If you’re still on the fence about this whole morning routine, just try it… you won’t be sorry!!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Eleven

I’m beginning to wonder if setting an alarm the night before isn’t even necessary. 5:45 wake up yet again.

This morning I was tired, dead tired.  Which is why I’m still surprised that I got up before the alarm and switched it off AGAIN!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Nine

I feel like I’ve got the whole waking up thing down.  I don’t feel like crawling back into bed again every morning.  But now I’m starting to get lazy where the life SAVERS are concerned.

I’ve mastered the alarm across the room. At least when I’ve remembered to set it. 8/9 is good though right? So anyways… now it’s time to find the actual routine plan that works – and stays the same, well at least as “same” as it can.

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Eight

Week two has begun.  I have to say that today didn’t feel so “unbearable.”

And for the sake of time today let’s get right to the point.

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Seven

One official week completed! But today’s Miracle Morning was a little on the sad side…

After yesterday, I was exhausted. And with a less than half-par brain towards the end of the day it was inevitable that I would forget something. The most important thing… the alarm!!!

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The Miracle Morning Challenge: Day Six

You would think that after my 13 hour work day yesterday I’d have needed all the sleep I could get…

Apparently there’s a disconnect between alarm time and body alarm time.  4:45am!?!?!? Seriously…. so after tossing, hoping I could go back to sleep, until 5:30 I said the heck with it and started my Miracle Morning then.

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