Free Printable Friday: TV Show Tracker: Supergirl

I actually haven’t seen this show.  But I am a huge fan of ARROW and THE FLASH so… I have high hopes for when I do start watching.


So now with this handy tracker I’ll be able to watch and keep track in peace.

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Free Printable Friday: TV Show Tracker: REIGN (Update)

Another update to another show that is sadly ending after this 4th season.


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Free Printable Friday: TV Show Tracker – ARROW (Update)

I know what you’re thinking… You’ve already done an arrow TV tracker.  Which is true, I have, but now there are more seasons.


More seasons to enjoy the beauty of Stephen Amell… Ah.. Oliver Queen.

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Free Printable Friday: Once Upon A Time TV Tracker

Who doesn’t like this show… don’t answer that I’ve not seen seasons 5 or 6…


Every girl loves a fairy tale happy ending… and this show delivers!

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Free Printable Friday: Suits TV Tracker

I’m back at it with the Free Printable Friday… and for the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out some TV tracker sticky notes. THESE ARE MY FAVORITES!


I’m a huge fan of this show.  You are able to watch some of the previous season on Amazon Prime.

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Free Printable Friday: Cash Envelope Inserts

There are some people that swear by the Cash Envelope system.   I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

I won’t lie…I wish I was, because this system really has some good benefits.  I just don’t have the patience to sit around and figure out the exact amount of cash I need to ask the teller for to fit into these little envelopes.

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Free Printable Friday: Planner Flag Stickers

Stickers are AWESOME.  They add that extra flair of color and love to all things planner related.  So today for Free Printable Friday I wanted to share with you these pretty cool flag stickers.

These patterns are also to die for.  I mean they’re just so pretty.  So here’s how this works. Simply download the file here.  Print on sticker paper (or regular paper and run through sticker machine).  Then enjoy the beauty they add to your planner.


Stay addicted BuJo-Aholics!

Free Printable Friday: 21 Day Challenge Cards

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Over the years of my attempt to find planner peace, I spent a phase in a Travelers Notebook.  I loved it, and possibly, if my love affair with the Leuchtturm1917 journals ever goes awry, I may consider going back… especially since it is actually conducive to bullet journaling.


Regardless… I originally designed these 21 day challenge cards to fit into the card slots of the card holder inserts.

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Free Printable Friday: Dr. Quinn TV Show Tracker

I am a fan of old shows.  The old, good, clean ones even as far back as The Andy Griffith show, Mary Tyler Moore, Green Acres, and oh don’t even get me started with Petticoat Junction.  So when I find one of these shows available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon I FREAK OUT!


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