Vacation Planning and Journaling (Pre-Trip)

I’m leaving Sunday for a week in the Adirondacks.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve actually had a week long vacation, and I’m overly excited, at least that’s what I tell myself since last night I got a whopping 1 hour of sleep. Plus with this trip there’s camping and hiking (and kayaking) involved.

I recently saw a post in one of the Bullet Journal Facebook groups I’m a member of about vacation Journaling and decided I was defenitly going to make that happen for this trip! Unfortunatly when I went back to look for the video to tag it I couldn’t find it! Sorry! Just know this idea isn’t actually mine.

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Guest Post: The Great Home Organization of 2017

This guest post comes to us from my sister Courtney.  She’s done a few other posts for me here at check out the last post here

Finance BuJo
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Life with two littles and a hubby who works 40+ hours a week can get pretty crazy sometimes.  Most days there is barely time to do all the survival stuff (ie. Cooking, dishes, controlling attempting to control the toy clutter, etc) which means organization often gets put to the bottom of the list.

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March 2016 Recap

On today, the 31st this last day of March, what better way to celebrate than looking back over the favorite pages of this month!

Finance BuJo

I’m really a fan of this subway style art.  (Just wait till you see April’s!)

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Free Printable Friday: To Do List Sticky Note

This post originally appeared on

Here we are at it again! Can you tell I have a HUGE sticky note obsession?


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Event Planning & Threading

In my October Blog Stats & Review post I mentioned that by night I’m an event planner.  Part of the reason my stats dropped off was because I was planning the decor for this HUGE event.  Let me tell you this was an event that took every piece of me.. ENTER THE BUJO.


Planning an event can be super stressful. But staying organized and on top of your tasks can largely take that stress away.  So I wanted to share with you how I used my BuJo to plan this event.

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Top 5 Inspirational Bullet Journaling Blogs

When it comes to bullet journaling – 90% of it is inspiration.  So here’s a list of 10 of my favorite blogs to go to for that.


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The Moleskine Squared Journal

Life has seriously gotten away from me – and its been TWO WEEKS since I last posted.  I PROMISE that will never happen.  OH who am I kidding … I can’t make that promise.

Well anyways… today I wanted to do a little review on the Moleskin Hard Covered Squared Journal.


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Guest Post: Inside My Sister’s (First) BuJo!

Sorry about the “heavy” posting this week.  But this post has me SO EXCITED I could not wait any longer. And let me tell you – this post is AH-Mazing.  Not only because my sister is freaking awesome, but because her first bullet journal totally shows you that you can just use any old notebook and make it work for you.

So here she goes: Enter Courtney.


I have to give all the credit to my lil sis for introducing me to the BEST planner in the world…the Bujo, of course. While I may not be as obsessed as she, I do love, love, love bullet journaling.  The versatility is by far the biggest reason I’m sticking with the bujo.

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