Vacation Journaling

This may be a little redundant since I’ve already touched on how I journaled for my last little trip I went on… but I did promise in my last post that I would share what I did while I was on vacation.

I tried to journal every day.  In my Pre-Vacation post I showed my toolbox of supplies that I took with me. That was actually probably more than I really needed to bring.  But you never can tell.

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Journaling without a Mini Printer

Admit it, you want one of those polaroid zip printers too…

Finance BuJo

I love to journal with photos when I go away, and this weekend was no exception.  But it’s really hard to do that in your bullet journal, especially if you’ll be printing off the photos at a later date.

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November 2016 #planwithmechallenge 

I literally start these challenges EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. And I have yet to complete one in its entirety.

Here’s a look at my progress and a few of my favorite posts on Instagram for this challenge.

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Stay addicted BuJo Aholics!