Free Printable Friday: TV Tracker – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This is another fun show!

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5 Movie and TV Spread Ideas

Admit it… All of us Bullet Journal-Aholics spend HOURS on Pinterest scoping out the latest spread ideas.  And we copy them off everyone else.  That is the beauty of this community!

So here are 5 awesome spreads for tracking all things movie and TV.
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Free Printable Friday BONUS!

Oh yes that’s right… today I’ve got a free printable bonus for you!


I know I can’t be the only one frantically watching seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls to prepare for next Friday’s revival release on Netflix.  Am. I. Right.

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Free Printable Friday: NCIS TV Tracker

And we’re back again with this week’s Free Printable Friday.  I promise next week will NOT be a tv tracker – because lets face it there’s more to sticky notes!


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Free Printable Friday: CW Channel TV Trackers

Oh yes that’s right! I’m starting something new! Every SINGLE Friday I’ll roll out a new FREE printable just for you!


Um… Lets face it.  The CW Channel has seriously brought us some AWESOME TV shows.

Now I do have cable, but I rarely ever watch TV, I’m a true commercial hater – and 90% of the time I’m busy when a favorite show is on, so either I wait the year out and watch when it finally makes its appearance to Netflix, pray its on Hulu and attempt to catch it before it goes off, or the worst option … buy it… because I can’t wait any longer.

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